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Hotel Royal****
Welcome to the heart of the Central Slovakia, welcome to the ROYAL HOTEL, welcome to the largest mountain centre in Podpoľanie region.. HOTEL ROYAL, four stars hotel, and Bugallow Park lie in the beautiful surroundings of "Veporské" Hills in the altitude of 950 m. The whole area is situated in Detva district close to the road between Hriňová and Kokava nad Rimavicou. HOTEL ROYAL offers the possibility to arrange the events of various range and level.

Other services: restaurant with various foods offer, game room, table football, table tennis, fitness, pool, massage, hydromassage, bike, hiking and mushroom-picking.
Hotel ROYAL, Prašivá č. 4, 985 45, Látky. Tel.: +421 (45) 5 320 176, Fax: +421 (45) 5 320 170, e-mail: info@royalhotel.sk