The waterfall Bystré (22 km)
vodopad bystreThe waterfall is situated on the south slope of Poľana 1030 metres above sea level. It is one of the most massive waterfalls in the vulcanites of the West Carpathians. It emerged during the tectonic breakdown when the part of the solidified lava stream decreased. Its height is considerable 23 metres. The best access to waterfall is from the asphalt road leading to mountain hotel Poľana. The whole tour there and back takes four kilometres. The path goes firstly moderately downwards across the picturesque forest meadow , then it goes through the forest as far as to the Walley of Bystré Creek.

Melichova rock (24 km)
It's a 30 meter high rock on the southern slope of the mountain Polana, over the village Skliarovo. This natural monument give you wonderful views to town Detva and Javorie Mountains.
The rock, the start of a solidified lava flows, where you can see the traces of lava till today.
This is one of the characteristics part of region. The old legend says, the rock is a stony jealous woman, who went with melichova skalabaskets to the wedding banquet. For the today people returned from the Polana, passing the rock, reminds to hiker with backpack.
It's possible to climb to the lower part of the rock and from this place you can enjoy the panoramic view of landscape.

Čiernohronská railway (40km)
History of Čiernohronská railway began in 1908 when the first stretch of track from the Hronec to Čierny Blh (now Čierny Balog) was built with traditional narrow track gauge 760 mm. The first steam train began regular operation on 8th of January 1909 on the 10.4 km long stretch. Other sub-circuits leading to the majority of the valleys of the River Čierny Hron were built gradually, with the ciernohronska zeleznica 2assistance of prisoners from World War I. The total length was 131.98 kilometers and reached the climb up to the Dobročský rain forest under massive of Klenovský Vepor. 115 employees secured the operation in the heyday period and in addition to conveying timber (up to 330,000 m3 per year), it transported from 200 to 250 people daily. The railway was in the regular operation until 1982. Despite considerable public opposition, based on Government decision, all operations on the remaining 36 km of railway were terminated on 31st of December 1982. At that time it was already the last forest railway in Slovakia. All equipment - rails, locomotives and coaches were destined for scrapping! Only the enthusiasm and the personal courage of those who managed to stand up to unreasonable bureaucratic decision of former party and government, saved this railway. But it was just a beginning of a long struggle to preserve the railway. Thanks to the last dispatcher Mr. Clement Auxt and local activists the railway entered into the Central government list of cultural monuments. A group of architects from URBION Banská Bystrica initiated continuous work on the restoration and re-launch in the summer of the 1983rd. In the same year tradition of volunteers camps and brigades "Tree of Life" began. It was the last employee of forest plant, linesman Julko Kovalčík "Krasnik", who gave his experience and helped those volunteers to restore the track. The rail traffic was restored on 1. of May 1992 between the Čierny Balog and Vydrovská valley and from the Hronec to Balog in the following year. The Association of the local communities "Čierny Hron microregion" is the owner and operator of Čiernohronská Railway since 1995. The carrier - Čiernohronská railway, non-profit organization, is provider of transport and public services since 2001.
Čiernohronská railway runs daily during the summer season (1.5. - 30.9.) The operation is provided on a renovated section of line from the Chvatimech to Čierny Balog, Vydrovská Valley and to Dobroč, all together 20 km. Orders for a ride are possible at any time throughout the year! Timetable and prices can be found at www.chz.sk. If you are interested in a special train for friends, colleagues or for another opportunity, open a section on our website "train ride", where you can find special train ticket and all the necessary information. We are also looking forward to school trips and we offer them special discounted fares (for more information, please www.chz.sk, or t. No. + 421 48/619 15 00). Our fleet consists of four steam locomotives, six diesel locomotives and reconstructed historic railcar M21 004.

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